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Reefing Solutions is aimed at providing quality and speedy service in order to help you obtain your reefing aspirations. 

Our primarily aim is to…

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We are able to ship nationwide to your door!

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There's nothing I love more than designing and building a beautiful system and bringing it to life.

From glass thickness calculations to actual constr…

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We understand that you want the best for your reef system but things are not always cheap and this can put you on a back foot when trying to achieve …

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Zetlight Qmaven II - Q-90 170w Marine LED light Unit

This Zetlight Qmaven Q6-90 170W LED 34.6" Reef Aquarium Light is a 3rd generation Zetlight Qmaven Light. It has a higher wattage and eight different …

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Zetlight Qmaven II Q-120 220w LED marine light unit

This Zetlight Qmaven II Q6-120 210W LED 48" Reef Aquarium Light is a 2nd generation Zetlight Qmaven Light. This 2nd generation Qmaven Light can be op…

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NEW! AI Nero Wavemakers">">

Nero® 3

Maximum Glass Thickness:0.5 in. (13 mm)
Flow Rate:2,000 gph

(7,570 lph)

Power Consumption:Variable, 20W max
Recommended Tank Size:2.5-60+ gal…

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Orphek Atlantik iCon Compact  - This product is import only">

Order here:">Atlantik iCon Compact 

Join our WhatsApp notifications group at the following link:">Orphek South Africa 

Orphek Atlantik iCon &am…

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Ecotech NEW BLADE – "GLOW"

Aqua Illumination Blade Coral Grow

Blade Coral Grow


  • 21 in.40W
  • 30 in.60W
  • 39 in.80W
  • 48 in.100W
  • 57 in.120W
  • 66 in.140W


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Hailea Chillers

Product Details

Brand: Hailea

Many aquarium hobbyists choose hailea chillers, rather than other chiller brands, for good reason.

  • Reliable & quiet ch…
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AI Hydra Flex Arm 18"

AI Hydra Flex Arm 18"

Only 1 In Stock

Now you can easily mount your Hydra 32 or 64 LED light with one of the simplest methods available; the Hydra LED Flex Arm. The sleek look of the moun…

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AI Hydra 64 HD LED Reef Light - Black

Product Details

Brand: AI

Stock Availability: Online Exclusive

AI Hydra 64 HD Black

The All-New Hydra® 64HD and Hydra® 32HD are here with more of what yo…

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About us

Reefing Solutions was created to fulfil a need to advise and to offer correct and reliable product, I personally prefer to associate with brands that are well backed and prominent but still look for quality and affordability. I love the ocean having spent most of my life surfing, diving and traveli…

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Leslie hempel


My name is Leslie the owner of Reefing Solutions. 

Thank you for taking a minute of your time to learn more about us.

From an early age I was capt…

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